Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kids Lit Update: Never Enough Mo

My students can't seem to get enough of Mo Willems. I have purchased - and repurchased- the Elephant and Piggie series. His books are checked out constantly.  

This fall I was happy to have three new books to add to the collection of Mo books we have at school.

We Are Growing and The Cookie Fiasco are part of the Elephant and Piggie Like Reading series.  Each story is introduced by Elephant and Piggie, but written by a different author.  Laurie Keller and Dan Santat are the authors of these first two books, doing a fantastic job of creating an easy reader that has humor kids appreciate. 

At book's end Elephant and Piggie reappear again to wrap things up, and Pigeon even makes an appearance in the book's end pages, just as he does in the Elephant and Piggie series.

I've read these both aloud to various groups of students and asked for feedback. Although most students are hesitant to say that these new books are better than Elephant and Piggie books, many will say they are just as good.  I expect that when I put them out on the shelf for check-out (after I read them aloud so many times I have them memorized), they will only be in the library for a few brief moments.

Mo has been busy these past few months because in addition to the easy reader collection, Nanette's Baguette has also just come out.  This is a stand alone picture book about Nanette. Who needed a baguette.  Her mom sent her on a baguette get.  But she ran into Suzette.  And Georgette. And Bret. With a clarinet.  

This book full of words ending in -et has been a hit with lower and upper elementary students.  Although I'm reading this purely for entertainment, I can also see kicking off a conversation or lesson on word families with this book.

The question my students have after hearing these three new books is, "what does he have coming out next?"  Which just proves that you really can never have enough Mo.

If my Mo collection ever stayed on the shelf, I would love to have these bookends that can be purchased through Demco.

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