Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Christmas Is Coming: Five Books That Would Make Great Gifts

I love to give books as gifts. Of course I love to get books as gifts, too.  My girls have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that even if they don't ask for any books at Christmas, they will certainly be getting some.

My nieces and nephews also get a box full of books I've stockpiled over the year.  

I have many of my book purchases made already, but there are some special gift books that are worth sharing.

1.  Lego Pop-Up by Matt Reinhart - I can't wait to give this book to someone.  The pop-ups are fantastic and well done. Lego lovers will appreciate this book, but so will anyone who is amazed by the work that it takes to construct such intricate and well crafted pop-ups.  If the Lego pop-up doesn't interest you, check out Reinhart's other work. They are all amazing.

2.  Paint By Sticker - I love these books that are fun and time consuming.  My daughters have worked on them on long car trips and on quiet times at home.  I've got girls that range in age from 10 - 15 and all three have enjoyed them.  I think they would make a perfect holiday gift book or birthday present.

3.  Harry Potter The Chamber of Secrets the Illustrated Edition - my oldest daughter is my most Harry Potter obsessed child.  She's already read through the whole series a few times, but is really OK with re-reading them again and again.  I've added these to our collection at home.

4. ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky by Benedikt Grob and Joseph Lee - is a fantastic book that showcases some amazing views of the United States from the air. Each picture also shows a letter from the alphabet. I think this would be a great introduction to Google Earth, but is also a picture book that I've seen children and adults enjoy.  

5.  365 Things To Do With Lego Bricks - this book has two great things going for it: DK is the publisher and it's about Legos.  I love pretty much anything DK puts out and Legos are a sure bet as well.  

Look for my list of Christmas books coming out this season as the holidays get closer.

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