Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Salon: Another Weekend Is Almost Over

How do the weekend seem to go so quickly?  Here it is Sunday already and I'm not at all prepared for the upcoming week.

Yesterday was the conference XC meet.  Both Big Sister and Middle Sister participate, so it was a big day at our house.

Middle Sister finished a two mile run in 13:24 and took sixth place in the race.  She has had a great first season in this sport.

Big Sister has been running varsity much of the year - as a freshman. She had a personal best yesterday, too, with 22:45 for her 3.1 mile run.  The girls team took second place and run again on Thursday. If they finish in the top three teams they will go on to the state tournament.

Today we had church, Little Sister's soccer game, and a Green Bay Packers game to watch. Big Sister helped out by folding all the clean laundry, so at least it is in organized stacks.  

There is a beautiful tree in our neighborhood right now, and as I look in our backyard most of our trees are getting very yellow.  It must be fall!

I'm looking forward to starting up my exercise class again tomorrow morning. We've been off for a week, and it's great to do that three mornings a week and be in a routine.

I've also got several books that I've read and need to review.  There are so many great titles coming out right now and absolutely no way for me to get to everything I want to read.

How was your weekend? And what's up for your upcoming week?

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Ti said...

My daughter did not go out for track this year. She is seriously considering cheer and I am hoping that she changes her mind. I was a cheerleader but it's different now. I'm not sure it's what she'd enjoy. I don't know. She has done theatre and choir just like her brother. I thought she'd continue with that in high school.

No fall here. It was cool yesterday and rained here this morning but will be 95 again by Wednesday and 100 by Friday. I am so over this heat. We have to get our trees trimmed badly because I fear some of them will fall over from the drought but we have to wait for the leaves to fall and so far that has yet to happen. In fact, some trees are blooming again.