Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's Time for Some Halloween Books

Halloween is definitely not my favorite holiday, but I do read a few Halloween books each year to groups of students, and this year received a bunch of Halloween-ish books from Harper Collins to review.  Here are four fantastic new Halloween books I've been able to enjoy:

Monster Trucks by Anika Denise, illustrated by Nate Wragg - cute and rhyming, these fierce trucks race The Little Blue Bus to the finish. Little Blue Bus uses a few tricks she's got under her hood to take care of these nasty, noisy vehicles.  Bright illustrations, plenty of sound effects.

Enzo's Very Scare Halloween by Garth Stein, illustrated by R. W. Alley - Enzo is back for another adventure. Based on the adult book Racing in the Rain, this second picture book is a take-off on that popular book.  Enzo experiences his first Halloween, dressing up and scaring people.  He's not all that sure he wants to experience this again!

Grimelda The Very Messy Witch by Diana Murray, illustrated by Heather Ross - cute and rhyming, I loved this book about Grimelda whose mess prevents her from finding the one ingredient she needs for her spell. After cleaning her house, and finding the pickle root, Grimelda wants things back because messed is best.

Go To Sleep Monster! by Kevin Cornell - this is a beautifully illustrated book exploring one boy's fear of falling asleep because of a monster under his bed. Turns out the monster is also afraid - of another monster- and the brother and sister work to find who is doing all the scaring.  The text is short in this one which should appeal to readers of all ages.

And if you're looking for some other Halloween reads:

At The Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman, illustrated by Nate Wragg  - this book is a rhyming and counting book about a haunted old house that is full of all kinds of creepy, scary things.  

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet by Diane De Groat - I'm never disappointed by Gilbert and Lola. In this story, Gilbert accidentally brings Lola's ballerina costume to school instead of his own.  The kids I read this to laughed out loud several times.

Gus Was a Friendly Ghost by Jane Thayer and Seymour Fleishman - this is a cute oldie but goody (I've had it since I was in kindergarten) about a friendly ghost named Gus who invites Mouse to live with him for the winter.

What are your favorite Halloween books?  Enjoy a few creepy picture books with your family this Halloween season.

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