Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Five

It's the Friday after conferences, which means I have the day off. It is so strange to be at home when my girls are not, and I have found myself not being very productive.  I did get to take them to school and have made a Wal-Mart run. I've got some bars in the oven, and am nearly ready to hop on the treadmill.  This is all to make up for lying around until nearly 10 AM after I got back from the school drop-off.

I did find a few things online I'm in love with this week that I'm happy to share:

1.  Women's Slopeside Sweater - I used to wait anxiously for the Eddie Bauer catalog to come out with their new winter sweaters.  They still have some great sweaters, but not as many as they used to.  This is one I'm loving right now.  

2.  Eddie Bauer Expedition Flannel Shirt - and plaid flannel seems to be in again.  I probably should have saved all the flannel shirts I used to own, but they are long gone.  Here's one of many I'd love to have.

3.  Coffee Flavored M&Ms - I can't find these everywhere, but I've picked up two bags at Wal-Mart. I think the only thing that might be better is if they made peanut butter coffee flavored M&Ms.

4.  Peanuts Pajamas - Pottery Barn Teen had a bunch of cool Christmas decorations and gift ideas in the most recent one I received. I love these pajamas.  

5.  Women's Striped Elbow-Sleeve Turtleneck - and this turtleneck from Target is a bit different than the other turtlenecks I own. I'm envisioning wearing it with the red cords I'm buying. 

6.  Modern Curvy Skinny Corduroys - I loved the marine blue cords from Loft so much I ordered a pair of red ones, too.  They're half price right now so I couldn't resist.

So, how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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