Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kids Picks: Back to School Picture Books

There are a ton of great new picture books out this fall. Harper Collins was generous with the titles they sent me to review (as usual). I've enjoyed reading them myself and can't wait to share them with kids.

Pete The Cat's Got Class by James Dean - Anything Pete the Cat is a huge hit with kids. I took this book to summer school and shared with my students who loved it. (This also prompted us to watch a bunch of Pete the Cat things on youtube).  In this installment Pete goes to school, where the class is working on math.  Pete helps another student learn to add, and ends with the wisdom that math is neat.

Otter Goes To School by Sam Garton - Otter is back for another installment - this time he's off to school after learning that Otter Keeper (which is a very cute way of referring to his owner) is so smart because he went to school when he was growing up.  Otter sets up school for his stuffed animals, and finds many things to teach them.

Ruby Rose Off to School She Goes by Rob Sanders, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi - Ruby Rose is excited to go off to school. She is full of rhythm - dancing everywhere. School isn't a place where there is much time for dancing, but after a little mishap, Ruby is amazed by everyone's dancing ability.  

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled by Lynne Rae Perkins - isn't a traditional school story.  Frank acquires Lucky one day and the two of them spend time learning about each other.  Their adventures lead them to learning about nature, about reading, and math, history, art and geography- all in unconventional ways.  This book is one that upper elementary students will also enjoy!

Lola Knows a Lot by Jenna McCarthy - this is a super-cute picture book about Lola who will soon be starting school. Lola isn't sure she needs school considering how much she already knows. She knows how to driver her sister crazy, how to use a remote control, and that it isn't always easy being a little sister.  In the end, Lola knows that she doesn't know everything yet, although she's working on fixing that.

Rappy Goes To School by Dan Gutman, illustrated by Tim Bowers - although this one can be read to yourself, it's much more fun to read it aloud.  Rhyming text, made this one a joy to read to my summer school students. Rappy's school year is starting off with some introductions of his classmates, and one classmate in particular who isn't being kind.  As the rhymes continue, they discover how treat each other.

On The First Day of Kindergarten by Tish Rabe, illustrated by Laura Hughes -This is another rhyming book with text that adds and repeats.  Much like The Twelve Days of Christmas, a list of things that are cool at school is added to.  This would be a great jumping off point to listing the many things that are cool about school.  

Winnie and Waldorf: Disobedience School written and illustrated by Kati Hites - Winnie decides to enroll Waldorf in school. She spends a lot of time teaching him things like art and math. and Waldorf excels at naptime all on his own.  After Winnie's busy day, she must prepare for tomorrow when she will go to school.

Since today is the first day back with kids, I've already got that nervous feeling that happens each year.  It will be great to get the 2016-17 school year under way.  There are plenty of great books to help kick it off.

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