Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Five

A few weeks ago I apologized for featuring any fall clothes. Now I'm all over the fall clothes coming out and can't help but share all of my great finds. If only I could revamp my entire wardrobe.  

1.  Classic Sneaker - I'm looking for a plain old basic boring sneaker.  I don't know if this is exactly plain, but I like them.  

2.  Women's Eddie Bauer Trace Boot - Last year I was on a quest for boots. I just can't seem to stop looking at them, and this pair is a reasonable price right now, too.  

3.  Factory Printed Quilted Puffer Vest - I have worn vests for years. I thought they were going to go out of style for a bit, and even got rid of my collection of them several years ago. But every season there are new ones coming out and I still love them.

4. Women's Tencel Moto Jacket - I am in love with the whole moto jacket design.  

5.  Wildflower Infinity Scarf - and this scarf is beautiful. I'm waiting for another sale at Loft to purchase it at this point. I can already think of many items this could go with in my closet.

6.  Beaks and Geeks Podcast - ever since Books on the Nightstand (my most favorite podcast) stopped production, I've been looking for others to replace it. This one features interviews with authors.  I've listened to a few episodes so far and thoroughly enjoyed it.

7.  Tapple - Last week I was at the Mall of America on Friday.  I love Marbles the Brain Store and never seem to leave without a new game to add to our collection.  I'm saving Tapple for a Christmas present.  The sales clerk did a great job selling me on this one and played with us (my friend Robin also bought this game, too).

8.  Boomer Phelps on instagram - this should have been on last week's Friday Five. I love Boomer Phelps. He is adorable.  After my friend, Kristin, told me she was following him on Instagram, I had to do the same.

And that's it.  What's caught your eye this past week?

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Ti said...

You and I, we always talk sneakers. LOL. I like that sneaker. It looks like Puma but I see it's not. I like the retro New Balance ones. These in particular and actually may break down to buy them soon.