Monday, August 22, 2016

A Family of Readers

When I saw The Useful Book pop up on the list of new books purchased by my public library, I quickly put a hold on it.  It sounded like a great book full of common sense directions for a wide variety of everyday tasks.  I wasn't disappointed when I got it, either. 

The book was still in our car when I took Middle Sister on an errand. I handed it to her and instructed her to read the table of contents and let me know what types of things were included in the book.  

She spent about two seconds doing that, and then closed the book, letting me know that there was nothing interesting about The Useful Book.

A few days later I took Big Sister to some school event. I handed her The Useful Book and without prompting she read me the many different topics covered in it.  How to make a sandwich. How to boil an egg. How to weatherstrip doors and windows.  The Useful Book is full of...well....a lot of useful stuff.  

Big Sister loved this book and even mentioned needing her own copy.  I happily agreed that I could buy her one, and then suggested that she would need it because  Middle Sister will be calling her up someday asking her how to do all the things included in this book she couldn't bring herself to read.

I am convinced that this would make a great gift for anyone who is embarking on life on their own. And even though I've been on my own now for quite some time, I also found some good information in The Useful Book, which would be a great reference to have around for pretty much everyone.

As for my daughters, this once again brings home the point that all kids are different.  Amazingly so.  That's part of the joy of parenting - seeing these differences and appreciating them.

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Peaceful Reader said...

Now I'm very curious to see this book. Maybe there is information inside that will make my life a lot easier!!