Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Kid Picks: Three Cute Picture Books

Back when I started this blog, I primarily wrote about children's books.  It seems I only do that occasionally now, but I'm still reading them all the time.

I've been inundated with great picture books from Harper Collins that I'm always grateful to get, and love sharing them with my youngest daughter and students at school.  

Here are three recent acquisitions that are awfully cute.

Prissy and Pop by Melissa Nicholson - Right away my nine-almost-ten year old daughter was drawn to this one because of the cover. Who doesn't want to read about cute little piggies dressed in people clothes?  Prissy and Pop are even media sensations and can be followed on Instagram. The photos in this book are what will draw readers in as the story follows them on their day trip to the beach and their many stops along the way.  This is cute and sweet, and at the book's end there are even a few more facts about these piggies that Nicholson adopted.  (I also see that there is a Christmas book with the two of them slated to be published).

Dirt + Water = Mud by Katherine Hannigan - this story begins with the equation in the title as a girl and her dog jump in a mud puddle.  The text beyond the equations throughout the story is spare, but readers will have no trouble understanding the story. As the girl and her dog get messy, they find a way to clean themselves up and play.  The final equation - Girl + Dog + Playing and Pretending All Day = Two Best Friends, All Tired Out... is a sweet end to a sweet story.  

Teddy The Dog: Be Your Own Dog by Keri Claiborne Boyle- This is a great story to share with students (and my daughter before bed) that includes a little humor as Teddy laments the fact that his perfect life has been disrupted by the addition of a cat.  However, as Teddy decides, when life gives you a mud puddle, you just have to roll in it. He attempts to teach the cat a few tricks, none of which she is successful at.  And the cat attempts to teach Teddy a few of her own tricks, which he is not successful at.  All which lead Teddy to the realization, that you just have to be your own dog.

All of these would be fun to share and read aloud.  This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of new picture books I've got stacked up to review, so be prepared for more great picture books suggestions in the future.

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