Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday again!  The weeks keep rolling by, which means school is right around the corner. I can say this because on Monday it's August already! Here are a few things I've seen this past week that have caught my eye.

1.  Cold Control Lite Puffer Vest 
I'm feeling guilty even picking this for my Friday Five because this puffer vest certainly screams "fall" and "cold weather" to me - two things I'm trying hard to forget are in the future. However, I love this bright gold color and Gap seems to be constantly running decent sales right now. 

2.  Women's Geometric Poncho Sweater 
So right after I apologize for suggesting that a puffer vest be in the near future, I'm going to show a sweater. Again, my apologies.  I love how this one looks in the Eddie Bauer catalog I just got in my mailbox, but this picture doesn't excite me as much.  So if you want to get a better impression of it, look at the catalog picture. It is lovely.

3.  Palladium Flex Lace PD - I've worn my white Simple shoes for several years now and despite the fact that there is that super sturdy plastic cover on the front, my big toe is finally peaking through where the fabric and rubber meet.  Ugh. So, I need to update this item since I wear them so often.  I could definitely be fine with a pair of white shoes again, but these polka dots seem so fun. 

4.  Grand Ole Opry T-  If I were still in Nashville, or had a chance to shop without my husband standing right next to me, I could easily have been persuaded to purchase this T. I did come back with two other shirts to wear (a T from Parnassus Books and a Bluebird Cafe T), so don't feel too sorry for me. Luckily, if I ever really decide I want it, I can buy it online. 

5.  7 Days 7 Ways Cardigan  - I love that this cardigan can be worn so many different ways.  The cost seems reasonable to me at $60 and is even 30% off right now.  

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

I need some new sneakers. Debating between Converse and Vans. Both don't seem to last that long. Maybe K-Swiss? My daughter is into Keds right now but they are sort of flimsy.