Tuesday, June 28, 2016

YA Read: The Last Time We Were Us

Leah Konen's YA novel is a fantastic, enjoyable read. 

Liz is looking forward to having a great summer - especially since she is starting to see Innis Taylor, who is one of the most gorgeous guys in school.  

But Liz's childhood friend, Jason, is back having just been let out of a juvenile detention facility where he has spent eighteen months because of a fight he had. This fight just happened to be with Innis' older brother who was dating Liz's sister at the time. Although most people believe that Jason attacked Skip, there is more to the story than what most people know.

Liz finds herself drawn to Jason and the two begin to secretly spend time together.  

And Liz must decide whose story to believe: Innis' or Jason's.

I loved how this story unfolded.  I loved the romance of it. I loved the suspense Konen created.  This book is a winner for teen romance readers, as well as those who enjoy a good realistic fiction YA novel. 

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