Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Salon: Family Reunion, Graduation Parties and Soccer

This weekend has been full of a lot of eating.  Yesterday my mom's siblings all came back to the family farm where they grew up (which happens to be where I grew up and where my mom still lives). Most of my cousins were also back, including one who traveled from Germany with his girlfriend.  It was a good time with plenty of food.

There are a few people missing from this picture. Middle Sister, Little Sister, and my husband are already on their way to the soccer games.  My great-uncle has gone home, and my sister and her family had to drive up in the late afternoon because my nephew had a soccer game.  At one point we had 26 people gathered together.  A fun time!

Both Middle Sister and Little Sister had soccer games yesterday that we squeezed in. And we had two graduation parties yesterday and one today as well.

I haven't had to do a lot of cooking because we've been able to eat almost everywhere we go.

The weather is beautiful this weekend and I'm ready to be done with school and enjoying the outdoors.  Mostly I am a treadmill runner, but I'm trying to make an effort to do some outdoor running.  On Friday night my husband and I went running on a mountain bike trail in the woods near us. It's about 4.25 miles to run the whole thing, which I was able to do. (A few weeks earlier I only made it halfway).  I also packed the girls' bikes up today and took them to a bike trail. I ran while they biked.  

I am looking at the calendar for the week and realizing that in addition to having plenty of after school activities to attend, I am also scheduled for two blog tours this week, and my Amazon Vine items need to be reviewed soon, too.  If I didn't have to sleep, things would be looking manageable.

How have you relaxed this weekend?

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