Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five

I have been sick all week with what turns out to have been walking pneumonia.  One would think I would have had plenty of time to get a Friday Five ready. But, honestly, I've felt sick enough that I haven't done much online.  I did do a fair amount of reading and resting. And that's just about it.

1.  Perfect Core Short I had never heard of the brand name Lucy, but there were several things I saw last weekend while shopping that had this brandname. I then promptly checked out the Lucy website when I got home and found even more great exercise gear.  Here's a pair of shorts I'd love to have to wear this summer - and while I'm exercising.

2.  Born Claudia Sandal - I'm wanting a nice pair of sandals for the summer and am still doing some looking around before I decide on which pair I want to wear every day.  Born has such comfortable shoes that these look great to me.

3. My Fitness Pal is a fantastic app that I downloaded this morning. I've used it before and for whatever reason it wasn't still on my phone. However, I weighed myself today which was a really stupid idea since I am just recovering from being sick and any happy thoughts and good feelings I was having promptly evaporated after I saw the number on the scale - a number I have NEVER seen (unless you count after giving birth which is not quite the same situation as now).    

Before I realized just how fat I have gotten, I tried a chocolate chip cookie from Chick-fil-A this week. Oh my. Delish.

4.  I can't not mention the passing of music icon Prince. Facebook is full of pictures and videos. When I told my daughters he had died they asked, "Prince who?" which makes me feel like I have failed them a bit.  But don't worry. I did subject them to a night of my favorite Prince tunes.  

5.  I am enjoying the photos that have been released to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. Isn't Prince George cute?!  

And how cute is Zara Phillips' daughter, Mia, holding her great-grandmother's purse?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Jinky said...

Interesting 5 ...those sandals are pretty! So sad about Prince. Anyway, I've been gone from blogging for a year ...this meme is new to me, do you host it? Is it list of 5 of anything particular? Thanks.