Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Installment from Sarah Smiley: Got Here As Soon As I Could

I first read Going Overboard by Sarah Smiley while I was trying to become a treadmill runner.  Her humorous account of life as a navy wife with a deployed husband and two young children kept my interest and made running not seem so dreadful.

I've stuck with her since then, reading anything she writes and following her on Facebook.

Got Here As Soon As I Could: Discovering The Way Life Should Be is out and I have been lucky enough to read an ARC of it months prior to its publication.  I still feel like I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with Smiley and we could talk about her three boys and my three girls.

This book is a bit different than some of her others because it is not just a chronological memoir-like recounting of the events of her life.  Instead it is a collection of her columns that she writes. So, occasionally there is a little repetition as she sets up her column and provides some backstory that we have already read in a previous chapter.  However, this shouldn't deter anyone from reading Got Here.  If anything, this technique makes it easier to pick up this book and read chapters one at a time instead of feeling a need to devour an entire book in one sitting.  

I love watching Smiley's family grown and change just like mine and can't wait to read more about them in future columns, or books.

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