Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Salon: Baby It's Cold Outside

We've been spoiled by higher than average temperatures around here. In December my husband ran outside on a bike trail (that was without snow!) five separate times.  And now, the wind is bitterly cold and our heater is running a lot.  I went outside to take our dog for a walk and wrapped up from head to toe.  And I was still absolutely freezing.  

I'm ready for spring.

This coming week will be a short one at work for me.  My mom had back surgery on Friday. My dad is in a nursing home, so my sister, brother, and I have worked out how to help her out this next week.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are my days to stay with her.  She would prefer we just go to work. But she cannot lift anything, and is still very sore.  The good news is that the shooting pain she had down her leg is gone.

She is not a demanding patient at all, so I am bringing some books along with me.

I prepared a few meals for us for the coming week, and have done a good job of eating healthy this past week.  It feels so much better to eat clean. My exercise class also resumed, which feels good.

I still have plans to sit down and write down some goals for 2016.  Perhaps one should be getting things done in a timely manner. Ha!

Tomorrow are the ALA Youth Media Awards and I am excited to get to watch them live (on my computer, of course).  I have a few thoughts on which books I'd like to see recognized, but I am always excited to hear of some unknown-to-me gems that I can add to my TBR list, too.

I still have a lot to do yet tonight, despite not having to go to school tomorrow.  It seems like there are always plenty of things to do!

Stay warm, everyone!

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Kay said...

Give your mother my best wishes and here's hoping that she'll soon be feeling good. Stay warm and have a good week!