Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League

The Help holds such a high place in my mind, that I am not sure anything can ever quite match it, but Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League sure comes close.

And somehow this book slipped right under my radar this past year. My library has several copies in their book club collection, and I imagine book clubs will be loving it.

Hazel grew up poor but is enjoying the status she has acquired through marriage - and the hard work of her husband.  She doesn't fit in with the hoity-toity ladies in town, despite her best efforts.  When she loses her son, her husband hires Vida, a black woman to take care of her.

Vida has also lost a child, but not in the same way as Miss Hazel. And Vida has another issue. She is scared of the Sheriff after an encounter she had with him as a teenager.

The two women forge an unlikely friendship, and it is Vida who brings Hazel back to life as the two take on the racism in their community.

I flew through this book, loving every single minute of it.  Book clubs will enjoy discussing this one, and anyone who loves reading books set during the Civil Rights era will also enjoy this book.

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Kay said...

This one sounds very good. I think I missed it too.