Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Salon: Is The Weekend Over Already?

Every weekend I have the same thought: the weekend went too quickly.  My mom would blame this on my over-programming my time, which might be fairly accurate. However, with three kids I don't see a way around it.  

On Friday night we made a quick stop at my hometown's Christmas Celebration: The Grump That Stole Christmas. The best part was the light-up reindeer noses we bought from my niece who was selling them as a fundraiser for the Lutheran school she attends.  

Yesterday Big Sister had an all day honor band she participated in. Aside from the fact that she texted me three times to let me know she was bored, that the other oboe players were weird, and that she wanted to come home, it was a great day.  Sometimes cell phones aren't that great.  Despite that, the concert was magnificent.  

And Middle Sister attended a middle school church conference with a friend this weekend. She left on Friday afternoon and returned late last night.

In the midst of this, we also got together with friends last night to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes football game.  They were ahead until just the last few seconds, and lost a heartbreaker.  It was a fantastic season.

Today I went to see War Room with a friend.  Despite the not so great reviews that I read online, the message was fantastic and it was a great movie for people who want a Christian movie and values.

I'd had Jan Brett's author visit on my calendar for months now. I went to the Waverly middle school before the event was scheduled to begin, and had great intentions of staying to see her, but I still needed groceries for the week, and really couldn't justify sitting around for a few hours until the program began. I did get to see her tour bus, which will just have to be good enough.

And now, I'm back home attempting to get myself organized.  That could be an all year project if I really did a good job of it.  Unfortunately I don't have that much time, so I'll try to get some things ready for tomorrow.

And that's it!  There are a few more blog posts to write, the kitchen to clean, and some laundry to fold.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Ti said...

The weekend is never long enough. It never is. Even on the days where I have nothing planned, it's not long enough.

This weekend was busy but it was mostly fun stuff. I got to see the play my son was in and I got to attend the leader Christmas party for church as well as the "Wrap" party for the middle school ministry's toy drive. Let me tell you, 100 students grabbing for paper, scissors and tape but life very interesting Sunday evening. Those boys!! All they need are empty wrapping paper tube and watch out! After that, I could not even think of cooking anything. I was a sweaty mess from rushing back and forth so we hit a local Mexican joint and I had the best tacos ever.