Thursday, December 17, 2015

Some Stocking Stuffers of My Own

No matter what they get for Christmas my girls love seeing what I've put in their stockings.  I almost think that is more thrilling than anything else they open. Here are a few of the items that are going in them this year:

1. Energy Ball - I was at a conference this year where they used these energy balls that will light up when a complete circuit is created.  Little Sister is getting one of these. I'll probably have to show her how it works, but once I do, I think she is going to enjoy it.

2.  Junk Headbands.  They don't have to be JUNK headbands specifically, but these are all the rage right now around here.  

3. Soccer socks - there are so many wacky and fun designs for soccer socks. Little Sister never can find hers when it's time for practice, so adding a pair to her collection should help out.

4.  iTunes gift cards- it seems like this should just be a standard gift for every holiday because my girls always want an app or a song downloaded.

5.  Mr. Sketch Scented Markers- These were the rage when I was growing up, and have made a comeback.  Little Sister is getting a new set in her stocking, although we do still have some around our house somewhere.

6.  My oldest two daughters with phones asked for selfie sticks, which Target had on sale for $5.  The perfect price for this fad.

7.  Little Sister still wants some toys, and had begging for these Crystal Surprise pets.  

8.  The other things that will be in their stockings: cute underwear, beef sticks, toothbrushes, sneaker balls, a DVD, lip gloss, and initial mugs.

I've loved reading other posts about stocking stuffers and am always on the lookout for a  new and unique item that I can add to my list.

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Ti said...

The stockings over here will be on the thin side this year because I waited too long and with the Disneyland trip and the attitude of the girl lately, I decided what I had was enough. There's a DVD in there, some beachy sea salt hair spray that she's been wanting, a new bra (ha!), some Burt's Bees balm. There might be one or two other things but I can't remember.

I can't even remember what I put in the Teen's stocking.