Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Five

I had the best intentions yesterday of getting some blogging done last night and then I came home to discover that our internet wasn't working.  This hasn't happened in a few months, but I am very frustrated with our provider and the snail's pace that everything loads - right along with our entire neighborhood- but despite the fact that they could update our services, they don't appear to care very much at all. And, living in a hilly, tree-covered area, we are without many options.  UGH! So, here I am at work a little early on a Friday morning attempting to get caught up.

This last week I've still been spending time online doing some last minute shopping, and although I've found things I want, I have had a little more restraint and not purchased anything.

1.  Checked Drapey Blouse

2.  Cambridge Knee High Leather Boot

That's it.  Apparently I don't feel like saying anything about any of these items. Except that they all caught my eye and I would happily take any of them if they happened to be wrapped and placed under my Christmas tree.

Happy Friday!  Did you find anything great this week?

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Ti said...

I had to go to the mall Sunday evening and ended up running out of there without what I went in for but Gap had a 50% off sale and had the girl not been such a pill, I would have bought up the entire store. All of the Christmas sweaters, the Joy one, which I have had my eye on for so long was 50% off too but the girl was being so difficult I just couldn't take it and left.