Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Five

This week has flown by. I say that every week, and sometimes it seems that Friday takes a long time to get here. But, once it's here, I can't believe how much I still have left to do!  Plus, it's the middle of November, which is also amazing to me.  Here are a few things that I found to share:

1.  Material Girl Active Juniors' Puffer Vest, Only at Macy's

I saw this one in O The Oprah Magazine the other day, and although I think this picture makes it look a bit too flashy, I liked the picture of it that I saw in the magazine. It also comes in silver and a pink color as well.

I've gone as far as putting this in my cart on The Gap website, but haven't purchased it yet. I should, though.  I feel like it will go with khakis or navy pants or jeans, so in my world, I can pretty much wear it everywhere.

3.  Women's Passenger Ponte Pants

These come highly recommended by my friend Kristin. As I got out my fall and winter pants, I know I need something else to wear. However, Old Navy stopped making their Sweetheart cut pants, which is pretty much the only style I can wear from there.  These pants from Eddie Bauer are her recommendation.  So I ordered them on Monday night. This morning I went to the Eddie Bauer website to get a picture of them for this post, only to be told they were all sold out.  This is perhaps one of the only times I have ordered something and not kicked myself later for missing out on them.  

The Women's passenger Ponte Skinny Pants is Eddie Bauer's new replacement for the ones I ordered. Although I'm sure they are fine, I'm not convinced that skinny pants will be in that long- in fact, I hope they aren't.

4.  Makey Makey 

Christmas is right around the corner, folks!  I think this is a must purchase this year for Little Sister.  I know she won't really understand it without a little help from me.  But, I have seen it as a presentation at my job, and the inventions you can create are fun and amazing.

I don't need these at all, but these shoes are super cute.  I'm going to keep my eye one them!

So that's all.  What caught your eye this week?


Crystal Waltz said...

KD has a makey makey. They are really cool, but I will say that once the initial coolness has worn off, then it just kind of sits around in the box not being used. Fun to make a banana piano, though!

Ti said...

The Gap has a 35% off promo right now if you want to snag that top!