Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Five

I've limped through the second part of this week, developing a bad cold, and staying home today from work. I rarely miss work but I slept all morning, and when I was awake I read books.  I have a blog post that I meant to have published yesterday, but I have been feeling worse and worse since Wednesday, and after work each night have done a bunch of nothing.

I'm planning on being back to normal soon and getting a few things done. In the meantime, I'm half-listening to the Days of Our Lives 50th anniversary episode that's on today while writing up my Friday Five post.

Eddie Bauer used to be my go-to store and nearly everything from my wardrobe came from there. I don't buy as much from there at all anymore but I still think they have great quality items that are timeless. Here are two sweaters that caught my eye:

1. Women's Geo Jacquard Cardigan Sweater

2.  Women's Vertical Jacquard Striped Poncho

3.  Archer Farms Sweet Potato Chips - Last week I made a Target run with a co-worker so we could stock up on some essentials we keep in our offices- Lara Bars, nuts, and this time we also found some sweet potato chips. I've had them before and loved them, and my co-worker Aimee does now, too.  And since no one else in my house will touch them, it's a treat just for me.

4.  Build With Lego Chrome - my youngest daughter came home from school full of excitement about this website. She's been doing some virtual building at night.  I'm going to put it on my library's website and when I showed it to our tech guy, he quickly added it to his favorites.  It is a great free website that will keep kids busy for hours.

5.  Sable Coat- anything furry and soft immediately catches my eye. The photo doesn't do it justice- which seems to be par for the course with Title Nine - but this is one cozy looking coat.

6.  Polar Bear T - Sundance is has polar bear t-shirts- and fox t-shirts.  I'm not sure which one I like more, but I appreciate that they are dressier than a regular T.

7.  Antler Row of Hooks  - I need something more than what I have on my wall to hang up coats, a dog leash and bags. I like that this is a bit different than the other coat hooks I've seen, and since we have deer roaming through our woods, it would be a great choice.

So, I'm back to the couch now, getting ready for another nap.  I'm hoping this cold decides to leave quickly because there are just too many things to do this weekend.

How about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

I hope you feel better now. It took a long time for me to kick my head cold. I still have residual stuff going on but nothing compared to what I had.

I'm actually in a shopping mood and you know how I do not enjoy. The Girl said she wants me to take her out on Black Friday this year. It could be fun but I dread it for the crowds. I was thinking maybe breakfast and then some Starbucks and browsing will be enough to hold her over.