Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blog Tour: Put A Ring On It

I am part of a blog tour for Beth Kendrick's Put A Ring On It, a fast little romance that I enjoyed - and meant to write about back on Thursday this week until I got sick and started spending my time blowing my nose instead of reading.

On my day off, this book was an enjoyable way to spend my time lounging on the couch alternating between napping and reading.

Brighton is an actuary which does a good job of explaining the way she runs her life- in an organized fashion.  She enjoys having things planned out.  So, when Colin, her fiance, throws her for a loop by calling off the wedding and asking for his ring back - and then meeting someone else and marrying her a few hours later - Brighton's life veers sharply off of what she has planned.

She decides to visit her friend Kira in Black Dog Bay an idyllic small town that allows her to get away from her troubles.  While there Brighton does something out of the ordinary as well.  She marries Jake Sorensen at a drive through chapel.

Jake is rich and gorgeous and although the marriage was as much of a whim as her ex-fiance Colin's was, I was rooting for Brighton and Jake to end up happily ever after.

This is a fun book that was easy to read and enjoyable.  I haven't read any other Black Dog Bay books (this is #3 in the series), but don't feel like that altered my enjoyment of this book at all.  Now that I know some of the characters in this charming series, I may check out the first two in the series.

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Anne Bennett said...

Sounds like a fun book. Get well quickly!