Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All The Things We Never Knew: A Timely Book

This past summer I noticed the various friends that were dealing with mental health issues in their families.  Although I had always known that mental illness was more prevalent than many people think, I was still amazed that people I know - people that I talk to when we run into each other- are struggling with mental illness.

All The Things We Never Knew: Chasing the Chaos of Mental Illness by Sheila Hamilton is the story of Hamilton and her husband David who suffered from bipolar disorder.  Her story mirrors that of many people who are living with someone who is mentally ill.

As Sheila shares things about their courtship and marriage it is easy to see that David's behavior is often a bit over the top.  Yet, the idea of mental illness isn't the first thought Sheila has when she is trying to deal with David's behavior, holding down a job, and raise their young daughter.  

Sadly, David kills himself just weeks after receiving his diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  

This is a well written memoir that gives voice to those who love someone who is mentally ill.  Hamilton tells her story but she also provides data about mental illness and the way it is treated and diagnosed. 

I've carried this book around with me a few places and as friends have seen what I'm reading and read the synopsis on the back, there has been a lot of interest from them about All The Things We Never Knew.  

I'm glad that Hamilton is courageous enough to tell her story. Her book will reach many people who are living the same nightmare

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