Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Good Goodbye

Cousins Rory and Arden have always seemed more like sisters than cousins.  Rory's dad and Arden's mom own a restaurant together and the girls have been raised together as well.  Now they are rooming together for their first year of college.

Natalie is looking forward to spending her anniversary with her husband, Theo. She is still upset with Theo's brother Vince who has put their restaurant in a precarious financial situation due to some bad investments he made without her knowledge.

Although this financial problem is a big deal, it pales in comparison to the call she and Theo receive on their night out informing them of an accident that Arden was in while at college.

Both Arden and Rory are now lying unconscious in the hospital unable to explain what happened.  

The story is narrated by Natalie, Arden and Rory, with the girls sharing parts of their childhoods and what led to this point. While the girls fight for their lives, secrets are revealed and true feelings are exposed.

Buckley has included some surprises and suspense, and although I thought I knew where this story would lead, I was still surprised at the ending.

I have read one of Buckley's previous books which was enjoyable. This experience has me thinking I should go back and read all of her work.

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Kay said...

This one sounds good and I'll put it on my list to read. I've read one other of Buckley's books, the one about the bird flu. I liked it a lot. Have not picked up the others she's written, but I might have them already on my Kindle. My unread list there is getting a little out of hand. LOL