Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Salon: Evening Edition

The weather has been beautiful all weekend long. However, my relaxing weekend took a nosedive when we had to put our dog down this morning.

I've spent most of the day not really being able to focus on much of anything, including reading.

Now it's Sunday night and I am attempting to get lesson plans ready, a presentation put together for a PD tomorrow, and an assignment done for class that is due tomorrow.

I'm hoping that the coming week is much more relaxing than this past week. It was Homecoming here and there were activities every night.  Tomorrow I get my hair done, which sounds relaxing to me at this point.

Homecoming festivities- Tacky Tourist Day

Little Sister on the bouncy slide at the Homecoming festivities

We ordered pizza for supper and I convinced the girls to work together to fold the many, many loads of laundry while they watched television.

Now I'm off to bed since my 4 alarm will come way too soon.

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