Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Salon: Birthday Edition

Today is Middle Sister's birthday. She is now officially a pre-teen.  When Big Sister was twelve, Middle Sister nearly every day declared something that she did to be "pre-teen." These words may come back to haunt her.  

We held a last minute birthday party today for her with her soccer teammates.  I'm glad to have that off my list of things to do, and am now preparing to think about school and the work week ahead.

Yesterday Big Sister had her conference cross country meet. The day started out cold, but it was beautiful and sunny and did warm up later on. The race was 2.2 miles, longer than the 1.5 they anticipated.  When they arrived their coaches told the team the run was longer - leaving only a little while to worry about it.  She finished with a time of 15:51 for 2.2 miles...much faster than could run the same distance.

Now XC is done and we will soon move on to wrestling. That means my husband will be gone every day for practice and all day each Saturday for tournaments.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or not.

I was excited about the meal I have in the crockpot for supper tonight, but am not so happy with the results.  I even asked the man at the meat counter for a cut of meat that would just fall apart.  Instead it is tough and I am having to saw slices off of it.  Not at all what I had in mind. It seems I have this trouble every time I want to make something like French dip sandwiches.  Any hints for me?

There's still plenty to do here before I go to bed, including lesson planning and cooking.

Hope you're enjoying what's left of your weekend.

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Anne Bennett said...

I've noticed that poorer cuts of meat do better in the crock pot. Buy a good pork shoulder for $6.99 a pound and it ends up worse than the $2.99 pork butt.