Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Line of Blood

Ben McPherson's novel A Line of Blood is a psychological thriller - a genre I have come to love.  

Alex Mercer lives in his London home with his wife Millicent and their eleven year old son, Max.  After the family cat goes into the neighbor's home, Alex and Max follow it inside only to discover their neighbor, Bryce, dead in the bathtub.

What appears at first to be a suicide may have been murder.

Alex is taken in for questioning, as is his wife. 

Millicent has secrets of her own, and as Alex reveals bit and pieces of their past and how they fell in love and married, it becomes obvious that although they love each other, their relationship has many small cracks in it.

Along the way various clues point to one of the Mercers as the person who killed their neighbor.  And yet, I was still surprised by the ending.

McPherson's plot line is becoming a bit more familiar as the multitude of psychological thrillers are published but I'm still enjoying them and this is another strong addition to the genre.


Kay said...

I'm the biggest fan of these type of books too. However, I've been wondering how many more can be published in this sub-genre of mysteries before it's just too much. Only so many ways to tell a story. I still love them though, but am finding that I often figure things out way before the end or at least have an inkling. :-)

Verushka Byrow said...

You have the best recs! I've never read him, so i'm glad to add him to my list of authors to read!