Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday Salon: Labor Day Edition

I have managed to have a relaxing and not horribly productive weekend.  I have read some great books. I have watched a little Netflix.  I have cooked lunches for the week and planned out our suppers.  I had one long run on Saturday.  Our family went to the high school football game. My husband and I went out to eat with good friends we never see often enough.  

And now it's Monday and I have to think about going back to work tomorrow.  


There is still a large pile of laundry that needs to be done waiting in our hallway.  
I still don't have my lesson plans completed.

I haven't exercised yet today.

My counter is piled high with stuff and my sink is full of dishes waiting to be washed after my big afternoon of cooking for the upcoming week.

I am guessing that not much of the above list will get finished off before tomorrow.  

And the week will begin again: a cross country meet, soccer practices, soccer games, piano lessons, confirmation class and one late night at work for me.  

I'm happy I had this extra day so that I could take my time and finish some things without rushing around.  I stayed up late and read books which I don't often allow myself to do.  I didn't sit at my computer all weekend or worry about blogging.

This extra day was much appreciated.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend and is feeling as refreshed and ready to be back at the rat race as I am.

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