Thursday, September 10, 2015

Podcast Listening and What I've Learned

A year ago I don't think I had even figured out how to download the podcast app onto my phone, and now I subscribe to several podcasts that I faithfully listen to each week.

In the past several months I've learned a lot about myself as a listener, and also from podcasts.

First of all, listening to podcasts and audio books is a skill.  At first I found myself thinking about what to make for supper when I should have been listening.  Sometimes I still do that, but not as much as before.  And I must confess that sometimes I do that when I'm reading a book, too.  

The next thing I have realized is that I have to actually give each podcast a chance.  Listening to a podcast once isn't necessarily enough of a sample to decide if a podcast is for you.  Try a few episodes. 

I have also realized I am turning into my mother.  I remember riding around in the car with my mother as she listened to talk radio.  Many of my podcasts sound sort of like that.  The Big Boo Cast is one of my favorites and as one listener emailed them a few weeks ago, it sounds like two women talking on the phone together.  She is right.  That's exactly what it sounds like.

Podcasts are also a great way to learn new things.  I still don't really understand how people can't not enjoy reading (how is that for a double negative?) but podcasts are a great way to learn things.  There are several interesting and educational podcasts that provide opportunities to learn all kinds of great new stuff.

The podcasts I routinely listen to are:

If you've never tried podcasts before, give them a chance.  My girls will sometimes even request we listen to a podcast while we're driving to and from various practices and lessons.  

And, if you have an amazing podcast you enjoy, please share.  I'm always looking for new podcasts to try out.

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