Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Five

More fall clothes are out now and not only am I looking at the great new things, so are my daughters. I've held them off fairly well, only buying one back to school item. However, they all need some fall/winter things which I'm dreading a bit.  Things are probably going to get expensive rather quickly.  

Here's what I found this week that I like: 

1.  Embossed Glass Heritage Milk Bottles - I looked at milk bottles long ago to purchase for our new kitchen but never got around to ordering them.  These are super cute, and not all that expensive.

2.  Ceramic Egg Crate - and while I'm busy ordering the glasses, I might as well get myself one of these ceramic egg crates - and one for each of my daughters. They are made with the intent to hold earrings and other jewelry.  Considering my earrings seem to often get lost, I think this might help me be a little more organized.

3.  Amstel River Cardigan - I fell in love with this sweater the moment I saw it, but was quickly brought back to reality by the $200+ price tag. This will be something I just admire from afar.

4.  Sienna Stripe Poncho - This poncho fits into my price range a bit better.  Right now Loft also has 40% off.  And ponchos appear to be the in thing this year.

5.  Meyer's Clean Day

I don't much enjoy cleaning, but I'm loving Meyer's Clean Day which is a natural soap. I use the dish soap, the hand soap, and the kitchen cleaner that I spray all over the granite countertop. And it smells great!  It comes in a variety of scents, and at this point I'm still trying them out, but I am using lavender right now and loving it.

6.  KUT From the Cloth Cameron Crop Jeans - and these jeans are super cute with the patches all over.  I keep on looking for new jeans, but never seem to find any that are cute AND fit.  How can a good pair of jeans be so difficult to find?

7.  Women's Varsity Sweatshirt- This sweatshirt from Old Navy screams "college in the fall" to me.  I'd love to put this on and walk around a college campus for a bit.

Happy Friday!  The weather here is supposed to be fall like this weekend. I'm enjoying looking at all the great fall clothes coming out, even if I don't always love the cold weather that comes with it.

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Ti said...

I love Meyer's Geranium scent. Love it.