Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Salon: Seizing the Day

It's officially the last day before I begin another school year. This upcoming week is filled with meetings and time to prepare our classrooms, but the real world is starting again tomorrow. 

I'm up fairly early, relaxing a bit at my sister's house in Des Moines before the girls and I head back home.  I've got my grocery list ready and despite the fact that my kids aren't excited about it, we'll stop off before we get home to get some food for the week. 

Yesterday we made a quick trip to the Iowa State Fair; I had never been before which surprises most people since I am an Iowa native.  

After we got there I remembered why this isn't really my type of thing - the hordes of people.  Ugh.

This is Little Sister next to the second biggest pumpkin of the year.  The first one was 500 pounds larger than this.

And the largest pig.  We also saw the Butter Cow (a cow carved out of butter), and a sheep being shorn.

Our only food purchase was a funnel cake that we shared, so we totally didn't have a true state fair experience since the various fried foods is what people usually talk about.  

Maybe I was just tired out because on Friday night Little Sister had her birthday party and first sleepover.

We started with a trip to the pool

Supper at Noodles and Co.

and mani/pedis for all three

They still unwrapped presents, played games, watched a movie and stayed up late after returning home.

Little Sister declared this the best party she ever had, so it was a successful celebration for a girl who will be nine next week..

My husband missed out - he's on a kayaking trip in the UP - or perhaps I took one for the team, knowing how much he enjoys a bunch of giggling girls running around til all hours of the night.

Despite the fact that I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend, I'm seizing the day and organizing things for a busier than we are used to week to come.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Kay said...

Always such precious pictures of your girls. Happy birthday to your little one! I do remember sleepovers and those 'fun' birthday parties. Love the picture of the pumpkin and the pig. No pic of the Butter Cow? LOL

Have a good week, Tina! Good luck!