Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pretty Much Screwed

Although the title of this one didn't grab me, I started Pretty Much Screwed and read it in one sitting, taking time out to call my friend Robin and read some of the more humorous parts aloud.

It was the perfect light read for a summer that is winding down.

Charlotte's husband Jack doesn't seem like a great catch.  The two were once happily married, but many years of marriage and a few kids have apparently eliminated any type of romance or happiness from their relationship.  

However, Charlotte is devastated when Jack announces that he wants a divorce.  He hasn't found someone else, but he isn't in love with her anymore.  Suddenly Charlotte is back in the dating pool.  

Her best friend, also recently divorced, has had great luck dating and is in a happy relationship, which might give Charlotte a bit of hope, but she has many dates that are memorable only for how bad they are.

And then when Charlotte meets a wonderful guy and things seem to be moving forward with their relationship, Jack calls Charlotte.  

Charlotte has to decide if she wants can move forward with her life or if she should go back to the relationship that she had with her soon to be ex-husband.

However, there's more drama in store and Charlotte's decision isn't without a few more twists and turns.

This is a perfect beach read.  I hadn't read anything by McCarthy before, although she has written several non-fiction books. I'm excited to check those out, and see what she publishes next.

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