Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five

TGIF! I can say that now that I'm back at work.  These Fridays seem to be coming around rather quickly which means that my work weeks are going quickly.  Here are the few things that have caught my eye.  Enjoy!

1.  Norwex bath towel

This made my top five without me even having tried it out.  However, I have it on good authority (my mom speaks highly of it) that this is a towel I must buy since it sucks the water right out of your hair.  I'm an early morning workout person and I often have to go to work with wet hair, so anything I can do to get my hair dry - or at least just damp - before I leave is probably worth it.  There are a couple different Norwex parties I was invited to this past year that I didn't attend, and now am wishing I would have. 

I like how this looks - casual with jeans, or I could even wear it with nicer pants for work.  It comes in a few colors if you aren't sold on the gray.

3.  Gap Women Open Front Knit Cardigan

This is another sweater I found on the Gap website.  I feel like this would be a great thing to throw on in cool weather.

4. Surfboard Short

I have been wanting a pair of swim shorts for a while now and yesterday when I ran into a friend at the pool it cemented the deal.  She got her pair at Athleta so as soon as I got home I checked the website.  I was so happy! The pair I wanted was in my size but sold out in every other size. My lucky day, right?  Nope.  Turns out that size was also sold out.  So, here is my second choice of swim shorts from Athleta.  I am just so over the swim skirt.  I might order these but next spring I am checking the Athleta site as soon as the swim stuff comes out and getting the pair I want.

5.  I Love Your Dress in Black

I stole this black dress from The Big Mama blog where it was featured last Friday.  I have been looking for a standard black dress for a while now that wouldn't go out of style.  I feel like there are a lot of options for how to wear this. I could throw a bright cardigan over top, a jean jacket, tights with it, a scarf.....the possibilities are endless.  

6.  Girl's Best Friend Necklace

My sister-in-law invited me to a Premier Design Jewelry party a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure what to buy, and had I only looked at the Girl's Best Friend necklace I wouldn't have bought it, but the lady who was selling the jewelry did a great presentation and the jewelry looks so much nicer in person. And, this necklace can be worn thirty different ways! The downside is I'm not very handy, so it might take me quite a while to figure out how to attach or remove various things from it, but the possibilities seem endless.  And you know that little black dress that made my list?  I think this necklace would be a great thing to wear with it.

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Ti said...

I wan invited to an online jewelry party just a couple of weeks ago and although the stuff looked fun and stylish, I know for me, that quality would be an issue. I can't wear costume pieces without breaking in hives or the pieces turning a weird color on me. I must be acidic. My hub says I am toxic. Niiiice.

I just looked at the Gap's site last night and saw some new Ts I want. They seem to have a high sheen to them which they never had before but I kind of like them.