Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five

This week I didn't have anything bookmarked that I loved until I sat down to write this post. And of course, if I'm given long enough to look online, I can find lots of things I love.  So here they are, along with a few other things that have captured my attention this week.

I'm not sure where or how I came across the Bungalow 123 website, but I had a great time looking at the cute shoes for quite a while.  These boots aren't available in my size right now, but I keep checking in hopes that I will come back in stock. 

2.  Zentangle

My mom has a friend who is now a certified zentangle instructor. So, while I was back at school this week, she had planned for my girls and my oldest niece to take a zentangle class.  They loved it and have been working on it ever since the class a few days ago.

3.  J Crew Factory Metallic Stacked Heel Loafers

I love shoes.  These shiny loafers are just screaming my name- a little original, yet still wearable with virtually everything I own for days I work.

4.  Blackboard The Cat In the Hat Shirt

I can't decide if I just haven't grown up, or if it's the fact that I'm a children's librarian, but I actually get excited about clothes with book characters on.  I'm thinking my students would love to see me wearing this to school.  

I've been continuing to listen to The Big Boo cast podcasts this past week and have the horrible tendency to take nearly every recommendation they make and check out what they are highlighting.  Big Mama made a few references to The Blue Door Boutique (which I had heard of because I get constant email updates, but had never actually visited online), and that was all I needed to start looking at it myself.  And of course, I found things I liked.  These t-shirts come in a variety of colors and just look comfortable and not body hugging, which frankly I'm trying to avoid.

6.  Jess Lively Show podcast

And speaking of listening to podcasts, I read The Modern Mrs. Darcy's post on her favorite podcasts, and added a bunch of new things to listen to to my TBLT queue (that's To Be Listened To).  I have neglected my audiobook, which is a little bit dry, and had a great time listening to podcasts this past month.  I can tell my listening skills have gotten better and am really enjoying this. 

7.  Likewise Board Game

I know Christmas seems like it's not right around the corner, but I have purchased a few things already. One item on my list is Likewise, a board game my girls loved when we were in North Carolina visiting friends. I won't lie.  I loved it, too.  

8.  Sperry Top-Sider Seaside Striped Oxford Cloth

Yep.  This is the third pair of shoes in one Friday Five post (which has somehow stretched to 8 things!). Notice I spread out the shoes I'm loving so maybe you won't notice that nearly half of what has caught my eyes this week are shoes.  I've looked at - and admired- these twice at our local family owned shoe store the last two times I've been there buying back to school shoes for my girls.  I like them more every time. I am thinking that if I have to go to that same store again, it might be more than I can handle and I won't leave without them.  

That's it, folks. I  feel like I've outdone myself this week, coming up with eight items.  What's caught your eye?

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Anonymous said...

Your sister says: Please, please, please don't buy those Jagger Booties.