Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blog Tour: The Best Enemies

I love Jen Lancaster's writing. I haven't read all of her memoirs, but I have snatched up any novel she has written as soon as it has been published.

The Best of Enemies is another great novel to add to Lancaster's growing collection of books.

I will admit to some trouble reading this at first. But the trouble was mine, and not a problem with the novel.

Reading on my kindle or ipad is not necessarily the best way for me to read.  And when I began this novel without any idea what it was about I had a hard time figuring out the characters that were switching back and forth.  Unlike a real book, the kindle doesn't lend itself to flipping back and forth to get a better idea of what was going on.

So I decided to read the brief synopsis on Amazon, which gave me enough of an idea that I could forge ahead in my reading and trust Lancaster to entertain me.

Jacqueline "Jack" Jordan is a journalist that has spent her life in dangerous locales and situations.  She's a tomboy, and a childhood friend of Sarabeth Chandler.

Kitty is a wealthy stay at home mom whose time is spent making sure her life and that of her family (three children and dentist husband) looks picture perfect to everyone else.

And then there is Sarabeth Chandler who is friends with both Jack and Kitty.  Although Jack and Kitty are about as different as two friends can be, there was a time when the three women could stand each other.  But not anymore.  Kitty and Jack are now enemies.

When the novel begins we see glimpses into the lives of all three women.  As the story unfolds, Sarabeth's wealthy husband has been killed in a plan crash under mysterious circumstances.  

In order to help their friend, Jack and Kitty set off on a road trip to find out what really happened to Sarabeth's husband.

Lancaster's writing is humorous and fun and she has once again created a story and characters that I loved.  

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