Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Along the Infinite Sea

Beatriz Williams already has already had one book published in 2015, so I was surprised - and excited- to see that another is scheduled to be released in November.

Piper Schuyler is pregnant and unwed in 1966.  Hiding the pregnancy (and the fact that the father is a well known politician) from her family, she goes about selling a rare 1936 Mercedes that is in pristine condition to Annabelle Dommerich.

Although the selling of this car should take a relatively short amount of time and not a great deal of interaction, Annabelle takes Piper under her wing and brings her to her own home.

What she sees in Piper is a young woman a bit like herself.  And although Annabelle doesn't share her past with Piper, the reader is privy to the amazing life story of this woman who fled Germany in the very car she is buying from Piper in order to escape the Nazis.

Annabelle's past is amazing.  As a young woman she fell madly in love with a young Jewish man, then married a Nazi officer.  These two men and Annabelle found themselves at a crossroad one day, and it is only at the novel's end that you realize how very complex their story is.

Williams is quickly becoming a go-to author for me.  I loved Along the Infinite Sea and can't wait for others to read this and her previous novels.

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Kay said...

I have got to read this author. Have her on my list. Is this the 3rd book sort of connected through sisters or something?