Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sweet Forgiveness

Lori Nelson Spielman's Sweet Forgiveness was the book that kicked off my vacation reading last month. It was a great novel to start with and certainly helped set the tone for the large amount of reading I did.

From the outside it looks like talk show host Hannah Farr has it all - a great job, a handsome and successful boyfriend - a life most would envy.

But there are plenty of things that Hannah is struggling with.  Her boyfriend doesn't seem able to commit.  She is still grieving the  loss of her father who raised her by himself after her mother deserted them (or that's the story her father has told her and that she has chosen to believe). 

And then there's the forgiveness stones - a craze that is sweeping the nation and begun by a childhood classmate of Hannah's. A woman Hannah still doesn't like -or forgive- despite being one of the original recipients of a forgiveness stone.

Although this is an easy read there's wisdom in this novel, too, and Hannah learns a lot about herself as she grows and changes.

Spielman's previous novel The Life List is also a great read if you're looking for more by this author.  If you're like me and have read both her books, you are awaiting more from her already.


Kay said...

I like the sound of this one and I still need to read The Life List. More books, more books. It's a little song I wrote. LOL

Anne Bennett said...

I see you have the Judy Blume book in your queue. I have a hold on it at the library and hope it comes in before I leave for vacation net week.