Thursday, July 9, 2015

Remember Mia

Estelle Paradise is found at the bottom of a ravine with a gunshot wound to her head, unable to remember how she got there.  She does ask for Mia her infant daughter, only to be told that she was the only one in the vehicle.

It appears that Estelle has amnesia and after her husband arrives the picture he paints of her isn't all that favorable.  At the very least Estelle suffers from postpartum depression.  But there are many signs that she is mentally ill.  As Estelle begins to look for her daughter, recalling that when she awoke one morning her daughter was no longer in her crib and every item associated with her - bottles, dirty diapers- had vanished, she fears for her sanity.

Despite her pleas for help, the authorities look at Estelle as a suspect and the case goes cold quickly.  Estelle doesn't stop searching for her daughter and what she finds is shocking and terrifying.

Alexandra Burt's novel is suspenseful.  It kept me guessing and hoping that Estelle would eventually find Mia. I rooted for this protagonist, even though there were decisions she made that had me questioning her sanity right along with the police and her husband.  

Yet as Estelle began searching her voice and commitment to finding Mia shone through and even though she may not have been as loving or nurturing as she should have been, I found myself believing in her.

Remember Mia will be a book you can't put down, and also a book where the resolution is not easily guessed.  The psychological thriller genre has seen a huge jump in popularity and Remember Mia is a great addition to this group of books.

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Anne Bennett said...

Sounds really good. I will look for this book. I want to know if she finds MIA.