Thursday, July 30, 2015

Late Summer Thoughts

Next week Monday I begin teaching summer school to ELL students for three weeks.  And after that, the school year begins. So for me, this week is my last true week of summer.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I do better with a schedule.  My kids do better with a schedule.  But......I'm going to miss sleeping late, going to the pool whenever we want, taking an afternoon nap just because I can, and finding extra time for leisure reading.

These past few weeks my reading is really slowing down.  I've found myself turning to Netflix more often than normal.  

As someone whose always been in school - as a student or teacher- August, which is right around the corner, is all about going back to school.  I love getting new markers and notebooks and my girls have been back to school shopping in small bits and pieces for the past few weeks.  

Today I'm heading off to work in my classroom, trying to prepare for the next few weeks.

Tonight I'll try to get ahead with getting blog posts ready for the next few weeks, think about planning out transportation to activities for the girls, and enjoy some summer evening relaxation.


Ti said...

I am not looking forward to the return of school. I know my daughter is going to struggle with the junior high load and schedule. I really hope she adapts okay. Haven't done a lick of back to school shopping and really do not want to. TJ Maxx has all of the Jansport backpacks for like $20 but none were solid colors... no prints for junior high, I guess.

Anne Bennett said...

You start so much earlier than us. Our school year doesn't begin until after Labor Day making it September 8th but there will be lots of in-service opportunities before then for me to ease my way back to work.