Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Tour: Losing Me

Sue Margolis is the author of several other chick lit novels, but Losing Me is a departure from her previous writing.  And what a fabulous departure it is.  

Barbara is being let go from her teaching job because she is the employee closest to retirement age at the school where she works and cutbacks have necessitated these drastic measures.  Barbara loves her job, loves the kids and feeling needed.  And she and her husband need the money.

Although Barbara and Frank should be thinking about retirement sometime soon, their son is still living with them and is unable to find a job which means they are footing his bill.  

Their daughter and her husband have opened some type of new-age organic store which is just getting off the ground and floundering a bit.

And Barbara has become attached to one of her students whose home life is less than desirable.

Barbara is a woman to watch out for.  She speaks her mind and has opinions about nearly everything.  The more I got to know Barbara the more I enjoyed her.  Although I'm not at the same phase in my life as Barbara, I appreciate that Margolis has created a woman that many readers will identify with - someone who has a great deal of wisdom to offer and isn't afraid to get involved and speak her mind.  

I have read one of Margolis' chick lit novels years ago, and although it was enjoyable, it has not stuck with me like Losing Me will.  I'm hoping we see more writing from Margolis like this.

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