Monday, June 22, 2015

Keep Your Friends Close

I'm pretty much interested in any novel that is termed a psychological thriller, and even though I've read a bunch of them, the crazy female characters still surprise me with their twisted vision of reality.

Keep Your Friends Close is a second novel by Daly, a fast read about a woman who takes over the life of a good friend while she is absent for a while.

Set in England, Natty and Sean are a (mostly) happily married couple. They have a successful business and two daughters.  Natty's best friend from college, Eve, comes for a visit from the US where she has her own counseling practice and this visit coincides with an accident Sean and Natty's youngest daughter has while on a school trip.  

While Natty is away for a few weeks helping Felicity recuperate, Eve moves in on Sean and by the time she arrives home the two are in love and Sean is willing to throw away his happy marriage and family life.

And that's where I became really critical of a story I felt was just a little bit 
(or a lot!) unbelievable.

Yet, I did keep on reading, and eventually could put aside my problems with this portion of the plot- although everything after hinged on that - and let myself enjoy the rest of the twists and turns as yet another crazy woman wreaks havoc on a group of people.

Despite this rather poor plot twist, the ending helped redeem this book, throwing in something I didn't expect as well.

I will definitely read Paula Daly again and am still finding these psychological thrillers good reading.

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Kay said...

I read this book last year and agree that there are some things in it that strain credulity. However, I did enjoy the book. You should read her first one - Just What Kind of Mother Are You? - think that was the title. Something like that. I liked that one as well. I've heard a bit of mixed stuff about her new one that's coming out later this year. But, I'll be trying it anyway.

You can read in the car, can't you? I can't. It's frustrating. All that time. Well, we do usually listen to audiobooks, but still. :-)