Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday!  It is sunny and warm and absolutely feels like summer.  I am loving every minute of this weather.

There are just four weeks of school left - and a lot left to get done in that time frame.  In just two weeks I will be done seeing students so I can inventory my collection.  I always look forward to this a little bit, but after a day or two of scanning every book monotonously, seeing students sounds like a great thing.

We're still enjoying soccer games on Saturday, and yesterday I got to enjoy an honor band performance by Big Sister. The two of us got to eat supper at Red Robin afterward, a rare treat.

There are more track meets, soccer practices, a spring concert, and a few other plans on the agenda for the upcoming week.

I spent last week blowing my nose nearly constantly, and feel better, although now that I am getting over a cold, my allergies are kicking in. I even took a week off of my early morning exercise class.  Today I got in a nice, long run on the treadmill which felt good. I'm not sure I will be feeling so good after class tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to grill for supper - I love this time of year!  Later I'm planning on a nice long walk while I listen to an audiobook (something new I am trying). 

I hope everyone's Sunday is as enjoyable as mine!  Enjoy!

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Ti said...

We are technically done with track but there is still the team party and then our group won the fundraiser party so two more events before we say goodbye for the year.