Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Salon: Mother's Day Edition and Some Eating

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  My day began with a nice card from the girls - they had already bought and transplanted all our flowers yesterday in honor of Mother's Day - and then a church service where Middle and Little Sister sang and played the bells.

I wanted to curl up with a good book, but went grocery shopping and then forced myself to get in a little treadmill time.  

My husband grilled salmon for us tonight while I made oven roasted asparagus with parmesan and lemon juice.  Unfortunately I had already promised my picky eaters that I would make one of their new favorites: 

I'm not sure my finished product looks quite as good as the picture above on the Cooking Classy website, but it still tastes amazing. So, we had two entirely different meals prepared tonight, and a ton of the pasta dish in the fridge to eat as leftovers.

My new challenge is trying to follow the Whole30 program for the next month.  I've read up on it on their website and have the guidelines printed out which I referred to, but basically this diet/lifestyle plan eliminates all sugar from your eating, as well as carbs. However, there is still the option to eat fruit.  

I'm anticipating the first three or four days won't be fun (well, let's face it.  None of the days may be fun. But, I'm hopeful it won't be so horrible after I get going).  And I'm also hoping that by posting this on my blog, I won't give up right away, either.

This week we have more soccer, the end of the track season, and my last week of library classes.  

Last night Middle Sister had her first ever school dance to attend.  Since she will be in middle school next year, the 6th-8th graders invite the upcoming sixth grade class to the spring dance.  

Here she is (on the far left) with her friends right before their big night:

Sometimes I want my girls to grow up, but then realizing that I'll have two girls in middle school and my baby will be nine makes me wish for time to slow down a little bit.  

Enjoy what's left of your Mother's Day!


Kay said...

A belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Tina! Amazing that your girls are growing up so fast. I haven't met you guys in person, but I think I've been reading about them for so many years now, it feels like I know you. Yes, those girls do have a tendency to grow up. Mine is 32 now. LOL

OK, good luck with your Whole 30 project. I've been interested in hearing about what others have done with it. As you are putting it all 'out there', I'll share that I rejoined Weight Watchers last Monday and go this morning to see how I've done. I think pretty well. We'll see and I may write about it on my blog as well, just to keep give myself more accountability. Have a good week!

Ti said...

That pasta!! Looks so yummy.