Thursday, May 28, 2015


I hate to admit that I picked a book based on the cover alone, but the cover on Hover was enough to hook me. 

And then I started reading....

I was impressed from the first page with Anne Wilson's writing.  As a former Navy helicopter pilot she brings her own experiences and knowledge with her to her writing and was able to create an authentic look at life in the military for a woman. 

I appreciated Sara's character and the way she dealt with issues. She was human.  She went about her job and ignored much of the sexism that went on around her or was directed at her.

Wilson's story contains romance, suspense, and a look at the tough issue of the way women are treated in professions that are still mostly dominated by men.

I was worried at first that my lack of knowledge of anything military and helicopter related would hinder my enjoyment of this book, but Wilson does a great job explaining things with enough detail that I was easily able to enjoy this story and not have to think too much about my lack of background knowledge.  

I'm hoping this isn't the last we'll see of Wilson.  Hover is an impressive debut novel.

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