Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Five

This past week I have found lots of clothes I want to buy.  It is getting harder for me to just look without purchasing!  Here are a few of the week's highlights:

Elephant cardigan from Ann Tayor Loft. It seems elephants are in right now. This past fall I admired a co-workers animal print shirt, so adding one to my wardrobe has been in the back of my head for a while.

Kelly Strawberry Blossom Jeans at Sundance are the type of jean I always am attracted to. I love the embroidery on them.  They aren't cheap, but I wear jeans for several years and since I don't have a lot of pairs, they are worn often.  Right now my size is out of stock.  I'm hoping they will eventually be available again.

Zuma Slip-on Sneaker by Sperry  - Don't these shoes scream summer?  The span of time they are wearable is short, but I love the pattern.

Table Runner - this isn't clothes, I know, but the chalkboard decor I'm seeing all over is taking on a new twist with this table runner.  I think my girls would find it fun to have this on our table for a while.

Anthropologie's Spring Stripe Skirt - I've never ordered from Anthropologie before, despite the fact that they have super cute stuff.  I love this skirt.  

That's this week's Friday Five.  What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

$108 for a pair of jeans is not bad really. I mean, I wear jeans all the time and they seem to hold up well to repeated washing much better than say... khakis. I think you get your money's worth with them and it's hard to find ones that fit perfectly.

I have to go shopping this weekend. Groan. I've really gotten used to wearing jeans and Ts to work but this office move is forcing me to step it up. I work on webpages and communications all day long so why dress up? I am chained to my desk anyway. Drag.