Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Five

It's hard to believe that it's Friday once again....and Memorial Day Weekend!  I can't wait for the extra day off, even though we are down to just 4 days of school until summer vacation.  Amazing.  I've enjoyed looking around online for a few things this week.  Although I've gone to work, I've had to mostly direct other people how to do my job since I'm essentially down to one hand right now.  And that means I'm online a lot, doing a bunch of nothing.  

 I'm still planning on buying  a pair of white shorts for the summer and this shirt would be great with it.

Gap Muscle Tank
I'm not sure I would buy this color of muscle T, but there are a variety of colors in this style.  This would be perfect for summer - with jean shorts, to exercise, whatever.  And they're on sale right now.

Sahalie Dress - I get the Sahalie catalog frequently, but I have never ordered from them.  I might have to change that. I love this dress.  It comes in a beautiful blue as well as a few other colors and is only $39.

My mom and  I have an annoying habit of liking the same clothes- and sometimes buying the same thing without knowing it.  It's always a little bit humorous (and perhaps embarrassing) when we show up somewhere with the same item on.  The other night when I stopped by and was looking at her Pendleton catalog she quickly showed me this anorak.  And since my mom has such good taste (wink, wink), it's making my Friday Five.

Someday I'm going to get myself a nice beach towel.  The ones we bought from Target years ago are fine, but no longer soft.  Vera Bradley has some beautiful beach towels right now.  I'm thinking of getting one for me for the summer since I will need mine to just sit by the side of the pool and read books.  What do you think?

I've heard the Memorial Day sales are fantastic, but I'm trying to keep myself from looking too much since in my case looking leads to buying.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Ti said...

I have a slew of striped beach towels from Target. Mine are still soft on one side only! But with chlorine and the beating they take, I am fine with them. I do want one of those roll up bamboo mats for myself though.

20 Years Later said...
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Anonymous said...

I love my Vera towel, but the throw blankets are the best. We own 4, and I've given them as gifts as well.