Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Salon

We're just finishing up some corn on the cob along with chicken and veggie kabobs from the grill, which makes it feel a lot like summer.  

However, soon I will be getting things laid out for tomorrow and the week ahead.

Today we cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. The house looks better, but there are definitely some jobs that still need to get done.  Big Sister and Middle Sister had their first lesson on cleaning toilets. They were reluctant students at best, but I think my husband is going to become the supervisor for this job and not the one who actually does the cleaning on a weekly basis.

The week ahead looks busy: two track meets, four soccer practices, my final graduate class (and project due) for the semester, two meetings for my husband at church, an author event on Tuesday evening, a work conference all day Friday for me, and two late nights for me at work this week.   Luckily I have meals figured out for the week, and the house is looking organized at this point.

I am hoping for a few quiet moments to read amidst the busy-ness. Several good books arrived in my mailbox this past week, too, and I can't wait to get lost in them.

How was your weekend?  Hopefully you are feeling ready to tackle the week ahead. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, friends!

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Ti said...

We needed to clean but there just wasn't enough time in the weekend to get it done right. I was mortified because the AC guy came to fix our AC which was put in brand new and has caused us many problems. The guy is trying to make good o it but it's been years now and what he should have done is returned the darn thing when it was under warranty. Anyway, the guy had to go through my bedroom and into my closet to track copper wires or something and my room was a disaster and all of my dirty laundry was toss aside to get to it! Did the hub try to tidy up before the guy came? Noooooo. I died.