Saturday, April 25, 2015

Picture Book Palooza Take Two: A Lot of Cuteness

There are a bunch of picture books I've been happily reading at bedtime to my youngest daughter. There's no denying that the books she generally enjoys are a little girly and cute.  She loves animals, too.  These eight have been the ones she's most enjoyed.

The Secret Life of Squirrels by Nancy Rose was an instant hit with my eight year old who loved the fact that the illustrations were real photographs of a squirrel doing very human things: mailing letters, making his bed, doing laundry, and  vacuuming.  The story is cute, but truly the illustrations gave us a lot to marvel over and discuss.  This is a definite must purchase for my school library.

Winnie and Waldorf by Kati Hites- Winnie's best friend just happens to be her very cute dog, Waldorf.  Although Winnie loves him, her sister Sara is less in love with him -especially after Waldorf broke her violin.  

Naptime with Theo and Beau by Jessica Shyba- kids (and adults) can't resist a cute picture of a young child with his dog, so it's no wonder that this book, filled with pictures of a young boy and his dog sleeping together, is a hit.  I don't always take the time to appreciate the illustrations in books, but Little Sister made sure we spent out time looking at each page and marveling at small details in the photographs. I am predicting this book will be checked out often.

Me, Too! by Annika Dunklee and Lori Joy Smith - Annie and Lillemor have a lot in common despite hailing from different countries. When Lilianne, a new girl, arrives from France, Annie feels left out since Lillemor and Lilianne have so much in common.  This picture book deals with the problems of friendship triangles which happen often.  Cute illustrations to go with this story, this was another bedtime favorite at my house this week.  I also love Dunklee's previous picture book, My Name is Elizabeth.

Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs by Davide Cali- Cali's rendition of Snow White made me giggle.  Instead of seven dwarves, this Snow White has seventy seven of the little guys running around- and she has to remember all their names.  (One of the highlights of reading this aloud is having a chance to read the names of all seventy seven dwarves).  Is it any surprise that Snow White is in no hurry to wake up after she is forced to take care of all these little guys? 

Hoot Owl Master of Disguise by Jean Taylor- Hoot Owl has it all figured out.  As a master of disguise he will camouflage himself so he can catch his prey. Except he isn't really very good at this.  Despite his creative costumes every animal he attempts to catch manages to get away.  Except pizza.  Cute little story with a bit of humor in it that adults will appreciate, too.  

Florabelle by Sasha Quinton - Florabelle has a great imagination despite the fact that her family is more serious and doesn't always appreciate this.  Florabelle enjoys imagining herself as a mermaid, or a rodeo queen  and her family is frequently asking her to come back to earth.  The illustrations by Brigitte Barrager are accompanied by photography by Michel Tcherevkoff and are absolutely fun.  I loved the illustrations to this story!  This is a great book for Fancy Nancy fans and any reader who is looking for a girly book.

Gwendolyn Grace by Katherine Hannigan - I love Gwendolyn Grace and I loved reading it aloud to an audience since they were able to participate in telling the story with me.  Gwendolyn Grace needs to be quiet so she doesn't wake the baby. As she receives directions, every noise Gwendolyn Grace needs to stop making is made. What child doesn't like making noises?!  

Thanks to Harper Collins for supplying copies of Gwendolyn Grace by Katherine Hannigan, Florabelle by Sasha Quinton, and Winnie and Waldorf by Kati Hites. The opinions expressed are my own.  

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