Thursday, April 9, 2015

Head Case

Cole Cohen has spent her life struggling through school. She has been unable to learn how to drive, and anything involving science or math are a lost cause.  Her parents have subjected her to numerous tests, which have revealed that she has a learning disability of some type. 

Although the testing reveals little, Cole and her parents keep pushing and asking questions. Finally she is given an MRI which reveals a lemon sized hole in her brain. 

At first Cole believes that since the problem is finally diagnosed, it can be fixed.  Yet, there is no fix for her problem. Instead, Cole must learn to live with and compensate for her disability.  

Cole is highly intelligent and has been compensating for her disability for years, yet there are certain things she cannot overcome - such as her inability to accurately see and react to objects in motion (which makes driving impossible and crossing the street perilous as well).  As she attempts to find organizations that could give her assistance, she finds many obstacles as her disability is so unique and unusual.

Head Case was interesting and well written, allowing readers to see Cohen for the intelligent woman she is, despite the one area of her brain that makes some day to day encounters impossible for her.  

Cohen's honesty about her struggles and her triumph over them make this a fantastic memoir.  

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Ti said...

Interesting. A hole in her brain the size of a lemon. Hard to even imagine that she could be a functioning human with such a thing.