Thursday, April 23, 2015

Getting Schooled

As a teacher I can't help but find other teacher memoirs fascinating.  There is a shared language, experience and passion that I love reading about.

Garret Keizer has returned to the classroom after spending many years doing freelance writing.  He has been hired to fill in for just a year for a teacher who has taken a leave of absence.  Keizer is familiar with this school already - this is where he first taught after graduating from college.  Now he is teaching sons and daughters of former students.

Broken up by month Keizer shares the highs and lows of the academic year.  Although he may feel disenchanted and frustrated with teaching, there is no denying that Keizer takes his students seriously and cares about their success.  

As an educator myself, I felt that Keizor accurately describes the job he has taken on, providing a look at the reflections a teacher has each and every day - about their instruction but also about all the interactions with students - something it is impossible to plan for.

While Keizer doesn't paint a rosy picture of education, Getting Schooled wouldn't chase me away from this profession, either.  Instead, it does a great job of providing an inside look at what dedicated teachers do each and every day.

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